At the beginning of this week I had the pleasure of Writing an article that was published on StreetChic. This was our second blog assignment and the challenge was to find individuals whose fashion we admired, and take their photos on a street that connected well with the story and the style. When I was first reading over the blog assignments, I was particularly excited about this one. I have always had a love of unique styles, writing and photography, so bringing the 3 together into one assignment was a blast! I chose Kensington Village because it is an area not only filled with adorable houses and perfect pathways, but it also is home to cafes, book stores, and bars. It’s always been a beautiful place to spend an afternoon or evening with friends or family, and located right next to memorial drive provides opportunities for a relaxing scenic walk

I had the pleasure of writing about my sister Julia and her best friend Sarah. These two ladies are talented working women with a strong and independent fashion sense. They each chose 3 looks for this article, in varying degrees of casual to classy.

Julia chose 3 looks that are perfect for almost any occasion. Her first outfit was an edgy tube top and ripped jeans, paired with some stylish heeled sandals. This look combines classy and edgy into a balanced harmony. I especially love how this simple look is so easy and affordable to make! Her second outfit was a comfortable pink dress and some classic converse. This look is one you can find her in frequently during the summer,as its light and fun! Julia’s ‘less is more’ style is classic, easy, and gorgeous.The final look Julia wore follows the latest ‘off shoulder’ trend. She’s rocking a floral off the shoulder long sleeve shirt and some dark denim jeans. She’s paired this look with some adorable brown loafer style shoes.

Sarah follows a more pink colour scheme when styling her outfits, as demonstrated in the photos. The first outfit is an adorable salmon coloured tank top paired with blue denim jeans and brown heels. Especially as we are in the peak of summer, Sarah knows exactly how to make the days even brighter. The next outfit that she’s wearing is a body con red skirt with a white bodysuit, and lastly some cute simple blue heeled sandals. The final photo only has pink in the flowers found all over Kensington village. She’s paired a slim fitting dress dark blue heels.

At 19 years old, both of these girls know exactly how to make the most of this summer by feeling gorgeous in what they wear. They definitely know how to stand out and make a memorable impression!

Check out the article and more photos here!

Written by: Emily

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