Lilac Festival Parade  

One thing you should know about me is that lilac is my favorite color. Therefore, being part of the Lilac Festival was huge to me. I got to participate in the parade wearing my lilac dress, #ThankYouGownTown, along with Miss Teenage South Calgary and Miss Teenage Alberta. We weren’t the only princesses on location, as the Stampede Royalty were also in attendance. They have inspired me to put my cowboy boots to good use and figure out how to ride a horse. I’ll keep y’all posted on my progress (see what I did there?)


Panda power! Who doesn’t love a Panda. They are chubby bundles of cuteness! As a big sister to a 9 year old, we were both keen to see the newest addition to the YYC Zoo. Imagine my brother’s disappointment when he realized that pandas do not know how to do Kung Fu and actually just sit around and eat all day (which in my mind sounds pretty awesome).

Canada Day

Did you know that July 1st is International Joke Day?  On a side note it is also Canada Day. I’m pretty sure no one will be taking our holiday seriously… (This is me trying to be funny)… (Awkward silence)…  Anyhow, dressed in red, we headed downtown to Steven Ave to have a chill Canada Day, browsing vendors, listening to the live entertainment and of course enjoy the food. I was delighted to discover that #WeLoveYYC was giving out free cotton candy (CHEAT DAY). Finally to end things off, my family and I spent the night watching the fireworks.


Yeehaw!  Another year, another stampede! Like all Calgarians, the beginning of July marks our favorite time of the year.  I have never missed a Stampede and this year was going to be no different, but with the exception of me working it. With the cost of my schooling and pageant, I thought I’d dust off my cowboy boots and get to work. I got hired to work at one of the Stampede’s hotspots, Nashville North, as a busser. Needless to say, I learnt what it means to hustle. Believe or not, I really enjoyed my summer job as I love to clean. My efforts didn’t go unnoticed. At Nashville North, they have this program called Super Host. Workers can nominate coworkers who they think have done an outstanding job during their shifts and deserve recognition. To my surprise I was one of the lucky few to be rewarded with this title along with a few other perks.

CMCA Concert

Who doesn’t love a good concert? Alain Ramanisum and Laura Beg who are immensely popular back in my country of Mauritius flew all the way to Canada (which FYI is approximately 24 hours of flying time) to perform for Mauritian communities in Edmonton, Montreal and Calgary.  Because of their limited shows, people came from all over Canada to attend these concerts. I was fortunate enough to be included in the Calgary event and was happy to be so well received by my community. One thing you should know about Mauritians is that they are always so very keen to help and always up for a good party! While I was there, I had the opportunity to preview the future.  I got to take a ride in a New Tesla. This electric car accelerates on a dime! I’m totally sold on the concept and a big thank you to one of my sponsors Gasonic Group Ltd. for taking me to “Mars” (only Tesla drivers will understand this joke).

Kensington Fantasy Faire – Unicorn Kingdom

If there are unicorns, you know I’ll be there! As part of the annual Kensington Fantasy Faire, Kensington Fitness was hosting an Unicorn themed activity area called the Unicorn Kingdom. No matter your age, there was something for you to do. Participants could choose between two carnival festivities, which included the Striker, and the hoola hoop Unicorn Toss for their chance to win an abnormally large Unicorn Floatie. In addition to these activities, the gym was also selling Unicorn  Headbands and Unicorn Smoothies made with freshly harvested Unicorn Farts (aka cotton candy) which were by far my favorite! I felt like I was living out my childhood fantasy.

Inglewood Sunfest

Fun in the sun? More like fun with no sun! Despite the cloudy weather, nothing could stop us Calgarians from attending this summer festival. With more than 200 vendors, multiple bands (including a mariachi band), talented street performers and numerous activities for kids, this year Inglewood Sunfest was a huge hit! Because I still had some unicorn fever from helping out at the Kensington Unicorn Kingdom, I couldn’t resist picking up a Unicorn themed sequin throw pillow for my university dorm.

So there you have it.  A summer filled with many of my favorite things; Cotton Candy, Unicorns, Lilac, parades and ahhh … cleaning.  Stay tune for my August update as I head off to Toronto to compete in Miss Teenage Canada.  Wish me luck!

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