So You Want To Start A Gaming Blog

So you want to start a gaming blog? Good for you! Gaming is a great topic to write a blog about, with plenty of people out there interested in this niche. Whether you want to start a blog as a hobby or you’re looking to make a bit of money from blogging, the following advice can help you get started.

Take a look at these top tips on how to start a gaming blog.


Starting a gaming blog is great, but you need to remember that there are a lot of other gaming blogs out there, so people need a reason to read yours. Having a niche for your gaming blog gives you an edge, so think of something that you can write about that makes your blog interesting. Gaming + another topic or a specific aspect of gaming is a great way to help you find your niche.


Now that you’ve established your niche, you need to set about setting up your blog. If you’re inexperienced with web design, you could get expert help from experts at the Kentico web company, who can build you a slick, functional blog in no time. Once you’ve purchased a domain name and got a design in place, you’ll be ready to get started with your blog.


When you first start out as a blogger, you’ll have loads of great ideas for blog posts that will fuel your initial enthusiasm. However, as time goes on – writer’s block can set in. That’s why it makes sense to make a content plan before you really get into your blog. You can get great tips on creating a blog content strategy that will help you to plan out content for the weeks or months ahead. It’s good to write content when you can so that you’ve got a bank of blog posts ready to go to help you keep a regular schedule.


You’ve written some great blog posts, now it’s time to get people to read them. Blogging expert Neil Patel has some excellent advice on how to promote your blog, with strategies that range from using social media to getting more creative with your content. Promoting your blog should form part of the work of writing a post, so give some thought to how you’re going to share your content.


Your blog should be a fun and exciting interest, no matter what you want to get out of it. Plan and write content that is interesting to you, not because you feel that you have to write it. Get inspiration from other gaming bloggers for some great topics and become a part of the community by engaging with others’ content.

Get some great ideas for blog posts from these retro gaming posts. Starting a gaming blog is a fantastic way to pursue something you’re interested in. Start your gaming blog today and join a great online community.